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Autobahn of the managed hosting industry.
We don't believe in holding you back. From game servers to websites, enjoy lower pings and faster transfers.
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alpha package
Disk space: 500MB
Bandwidth: 1GB
2 mysql databases
2 email addresses
2 subdomains
Support contract
4.97 USD / month
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beta package
Disk space: 1GB
Bandwidth: 10GB
15 mysql databases
15 email addresses
15 subdomains
Support contract
9.97 USD / month
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gamma package
Disk space: 3GB
Bandwidth: 15GB
40 mysql databases
40 email addresses
40 subdomains
Support contract
14.97 USD / month
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delta package
Disk space: 10GB
Bandwidth: 100GB
Unlimited databases
Unlimited addresses
Unlimited subdomains
Support contract
19.97 USD / month
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Every package
now includes the
following software...
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